Architect and Urban Designer
          Interior Design student


  • 2016 | Top 25 finalist on National Graduation Projects Award Opera Prima 2015.

  • 2015 | Project selected to participate on Archiprix Award - World’s Best Graduation Projects - Madrid 2015.

  • 2013 | Academic project Popular Habitation selected for exposition on the 2nd International Habitational Congress in Lisboa, LNEC.

about me

I’m an Architect and Urbanist, currently studying Interior Design in Brisbane. I’m passionate about everything that involves creativity such as art, design, photography, fashion and architecture. I find really fascinating the way different minds are always able to create innovative things.

In my professional experience, I worked for two years for a Brazilian company called ‘A4 Engenharia’. There I could get experience working with graphic design, interior design, furniture design, residential, multi-residential, mixed use and retail projects. Working in the studio with highly talented professionals from different fields provided me a vast technical knowledge, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with very tight deadlines as part of the creative process always according to clients’ requirements. 

During and after my graduation I designed a few projects on my own, and I participated in architecture competitions with highly experienced architects. Those opportunities helped me to get a wide knowledge in architecture and design, and to develop my creativity skills from concept through the final products/projects and my ability to manage clients expectations during  project process.

I chose architecture and interior design as my career, because I believe it has an important mission: to create better and better places for people, always improving their lives.

Architecture and Design are much more than just giving functional solutions for client requirements. They are forms of art that are present everyday and everywhere in our lives. Being the artist that will change and improve people’s lives is an indescribable honour.